Corporate Services

Registered Office & Director Services

We advise and assist when you are expanding your business by providing you with office space and experienced directors.

Our objective is to provide your business with a local presence. We offer a registered office and can assign an experienced manager to act as your company's personal director. One of the key criteria to demonstrating that the management and control of a company is carried out within Cyprus is for most the directors on the Board to be Cyprus residents and that the major management decisions of the company are taken in Cyprus. They will take care of day-to-day management and transactions and ensure your company is compliant with local rules and regulations.

To discuss our registered office and director services further, please complete the enquiry form.

Our services include:

  • Establish a registered office to be the official address of your incorporated company, association or other legal entity.
  • Director management services
  • Maintaining the company‚Äôs statutory registers and records in accordance with the standards imposed by the laws of Cyprus